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There are 242 News Articles for June 2006, most recent displayed first

DateNews TypeNews Headlines June 2006
30/6/2006RetailBlacks signs up for shopping centre
30/6/2006RetailTesco increases market share
30/6/2006RetailRugby stars help TNT celebrate record
30/6/2006RetailHigh Street sales less than forecast
30/6/2006Fibre & YarnJTI to buy jute crop
30/6/2006Fibre & YarnMonsanto wins approval for BT cotton
30/6/2006FabricAsian textiles in a new setting
30/6/2006FabricLectra sells its 100th Vector MP
30/6/2006FabricNew home for Turkish expo
30/6/2006FabricHow to avoid ‘furenheit 451’
30/6/2006ExhibitionDirector-e partners Reed at Expoprotection
29/6/2006RetailIsetan sells Barney’s stake
29/6/2006RetailTesco to save College facade
29/6/2006RetailBéubé opens online store
29/6/2006RetailCashmere comes clean

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
29/6/2006RetailPrimark moves up
29/6/2006RetailPrym Whitecroft stays sharp with Microsoft Dy
29/6/2006Fibre & YarnSuessen spins a deal with Marzoli
29/6/2006Fibre & YarnTencel high performance sportswear
29/6/2006FabricCompanies unite under one name
29/6/2006FabricFleissner co-operates with Albany
28/6/2006RetailSaks goes small size
28/6/2006RetailAsda store plan rejected
28/6/2006RetailKurt Geiger sets a record
28/6/2006RetailMulberry profit almost triples
28/6/2006RetailM&S shares climb
28/6/2006Fibre & YarnZimbabwe produces more cotton
28/6/2006Fibre & YarnJapanese boost for wool
28/6/2006Fibre & YarnNew texturising machines for Trevira
28/6/2006FabricSilk deal with Saudi Arabia

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
28/6/2006FabricCarpetright ‘well placed to grow’
27/6/2006RetailAsics sues Payless
27/6/2006RetailCampaign opposes superstores
27/6/2006RetailLam signs agreement with Tod’s
27/6/2006RetailRiver Island to open in Amsterdam
27/6/2006RetailM&S launches Autograph home collection
27/6/2006RetailRetailers want changes to rents practice
27/6/2006RetailSunday shopping deregulation hits snags
27/6/2006Fibre & YarnNews from WoolXpress 27/06/2006
27/6/2006Fibre & YarnTrevira moves production to Poland
27/6/2006FabricSprings moves weaving to South America
27/6/2006FabricEDANA AGM reviews past year
26/6/2006RetailArmani holds talks in India
26/6/2006RetailNRDC buys Lord & Taylor
26/6/2006RetailMarni launches online store

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
26/6/2006RetailH&M plans new format
26/6/2006RetailJoseph appoints new creative director
26/6/2006RetailOasis crosses the Rubicon
26/6/2006Fibre & YarnDAK raises staple prices
26/6/2006Fibre & YarnBumper crop for Indian cotton
26/6/2006Fibre & YarnWool market ends week down
26/6/2006FabricMore synthetic surfaces for football
22/6/2006RetailHarmony at H&M
22/6/2006RetailPrintemps in possible management buyout
22/6/2006RetailLaura Ashley has a new finance director
22/6/2006RetailMadonna ‘not too old’ for H&M
22/6/2006RetailCo-op to develop Scottish store
22/6/2006RetailTrendy footwear shops to close
22/6/2006RetailM&S looks overseas
22/6/2006Fibre & YarnWorld yarn production

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
22/6/2006FabricCheckpoint launches IQ-Series
22/6/2006FabricWorld fabric production
22/6/2006FabricFiltrex set for Munich
21/6/2006BusinessQueen’s Birthday Honours are in fashion
21/6/2006RetailChina can dominate world shoe market
21/6/2006RetailScoop for London
21/6/2006RetailEngland win is a loser for John Lewis
21/6/2006RetailDebenhams’ director sells 2m shares
21/6/2006RetailHarvey Nichols to open in Istanbul
21/6/2006Fibre & YarnWellman raises polyester prices
21/6/2006Fibre & YarnNew wool processing system
21/6/2006FabricIndia cuts denim prices
21/6/2006FabricBroderie anglaise is the fabric for summer
20/6/2006RetailAmerican Eagle raises dividend
20/6/2006RetailJ Crew opens in Alpharetta

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
20/6/2006RetailJil Sander appoints Sodi as president
20/6/2006RetailPPR to sell Printemps?
20/6/2006RetailInditex increases sales
20/6/2006RetailCherokee declares dividend
20/6/2006RetailEsprit flies the flag in Liverpool
20/6/2006RetailHarrods to land at Heathrow?
20/6/2006RetailJohn Lewis to appoint external directors
20/6/2006Fibre & YarnThermal underwear with HydoPur
20/6/2006FabricGymphlex releases Skinguard fabric
20/6/2006FabricGood news from Yorkshire
19/6/2006RetailGuess who is new CFO
19/6/2006RetailTotal Luxury to re-launch Huk-A-Poo
19/6/2006RetailWorld Cup impacts German retail scene
19/6/2006RetailAustin Reed reports sales rise
19/6/2006Fibre & YarnChina wool forum

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
19/6/2006Fibre & YarnNews from WoolXpress 19/06/2006
19/6/2006Fabric‘Automatic’ fabric license scheme tightened
19/6/2006FabricSmart fabric ‘senses’ body size
19/6/2006FabricImproving cotton performance
19/6/2006FabricDan River fabrics for Phat Farm
19/6/2006FabricKooga fabric swings rugby deal
16/6/2006RetailPayless makes a ‘statement’
16/6/2006RetailSunday trading not a concern for Tesco
16/6/2006RetailTopshop debuts in Moscow
16/6/2006RetailLogistics firm invests £2.6m
16/6/2006RetailSun and soccer stop shoppers
16/6/2006RetailHow Britain shops
16/6/2006Retailper una celebrates birthday
16/6/2006Fibre & YarnSpentex cotton on stream
16/6/2006FabricDyStar agrees to buy Boehme

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
16/6/2006FabricDuPont helps German ambulance service
15/6/2006RetailLVMH sues Wal-Mart over Fendi
15/6/2006RetailBalenciaga has plans in Japan
15/6/2006RetailClaim ‘a waste of court time’
15/6/2006RetailWoolworths faces challenging times
15/6/2006RetailTesco makes ‘solid progress’
15/6/2006RetailLaura Ashley in investor showdown
15/6/2006RetailUK retailers want EU help
15/6/2006RetailGoods without frontiers
15/6/2006Fibre & YarnLenzing Modal: 40 years on and going strong
15/6/2006FabricPGI to double spunbond in Argentina
14/6/2006RetailM Missoni SoHo boutique opens
14/6/2006RetailIkea sizes up Aberdeen
14/6/2006RetailVuitton Japan's new CEO sees growth
14/6/2006RetailPrimark goes green

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
14/6/2006RetailLeSportsac is coming to Europe
14/6/2006Health & Safety ExpoA woolly cow story . . .
14/6/2006Fibre & YarnBt cotton growth increases
14/6/2006Fibre & YarnMadeira’s anti-irritant and fire resistant th
14/6/2006FabricFire retardant agreement
14/6/2006FabricAutumn/winter at Texworld
14/6/2006FabricTrivial pursuits for Men
14/6/2006ConferenceClothing the Workplace
13/6/2006RetailNo flies on this supermarket
13/6/2006RetailMadonna dons H&M off-stage
13/6/2006RetailHermes sets 10 percent target
13/6/2006RetailDavid Jones to leave Morrison
13/6/2006RetailHouse of Fraser accepts Baugur bid
13/6/2006RetailWorld Cup sales smash records
13/6/2006RetailRetail sales volatile

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
13/6/2006Health & Safety ExpoNews from WoolXpress 13/06/2006
13/6/2006Fibre & YarnJWH sells fibre business
13/6/2006FabricCotton fabric factory in Vietnam
13/6/2006FabricHansel interlinings for export
13/6/2006FabricYoung wool stars at Texworld
12/6/2006RetailClothing chain sparkles on bubbly
12/6/2006RetailTesco development plans cause concern
12/6/2006RetailKarstadtQuelle at the World Cup
12/6/2006RetailHot shoe shuffle
12/6/2006Fibre & YarnPurani to increase production
12/6/2006Fibre & YarnKevlar weathers the storm
12/6/2006Fibre & YarnCreora is now a ‘blacker black’
12/6/2006FabricFabric price rise creates Royal shirt shortag
12/6/2006FabricTyvek delivers the goods
12/6/2006FabricRED returns to Reflexite

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
9/6/2006BusinessUN tackles child labour
9/6/2006RetailAeropostale sales increase
9/6/2006RetailGymboree triples earnings
9/6/2006RetailWorld Cup good for retail
9/6/2006RetailBonmarché to refurbish 40 stores
9/6/2006Fibre & YarnCotton prices hold steady
9/6/2006Fibre & YarnSolutia increases nylon prices
9/6/2006Fibre & YarnSA wools voted the tops
9/6/2006FabricBTD fabrics score in Europe
9/6/2006FabricNonwovens plant opens in Jordan
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreFlower power
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreJil Sander to open London store
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreMorgan gets sophisticated
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreTesco: love it or hate it
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreMcArthurGlen opens in Germany

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreArcadia faces disability action
8/6/2006RetailAsian import charges rise
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreLafuma enjoys a good half
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreNano textiles at NeoCon
8/6/2006Fabric & FibreWoolmark launches ‘Wool Signals’
8/6/2006ConferenceASBCI and director-e present sourcing confere
7/6/2006BusinessProLogis facility for Tokyo airport
7/6/2006BusinessChina to challenge shoe duty
7/6/2006BusinessSamaritans to benefit from Olympia show
7/6/2006BusinessCredit management breakthrough
7/6/2006RetailAnn Taylor income doubles
7/6/2006RetailCrocs implements ERP solution
7/6/2006RetailNew finance director for John Lewis
7/6/2006FabricVEL to build new fabric plant
7/6/2006FabricRaymond and UCO in denim venture

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
7/6/2006FabricTaming troublesome tags
7/6/2006FabricDuPont Suprel for medical environments
6/6/2006BusinessMandelson says EU must face economic reform
6/6/2006FashionDesign protection extended
6/6/2006FashionCharles I ‘execution’ garter sold
6/6/2006FashionBen Sherman wins trio of fashion awards
6/6/2006ConferenceChina procurement conference nears
6/6/2006ExhibitionPrima attracts more visitors
6/6/2006RetailKenya chain shuts down
6/6/2006RetailVisual merchandising key to retail success
6/6/2006RetailCo-op closes two non-food stores
6/6/2006RetailIkea to charge for plastic bags
6/6/2006Fibre & YarnNews from WoolXpress 06/06/2006
6/6/2006FabricPolartec increases renewable commitment
5/6/2006FashionChina bans ‘sexy’ clothes

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
5/6/2006FashionGraduates don’t have the skill
5/6/2006BusinessRAC flags down motorists
5/6/2006BusinessContraband shoes seized in Malta
5/6/2006BusinessBritain wins opt out ruling
5/6/2006BusinessREMA campaign started to report faulty workwe
5/6/2006BusinessMandelson denies stalling
5/6/2006RetailContinued progress for Metro Group
5/6/2006Retail‘Never on a Sunday’ for Louis Vuitton
5/6/2006RetailNew Look extends payment terms
5/6/2006Fibre & YarnTrio winds on
5/6/2006Fibre & YarnNilit announces new concepts
5/6/2006FabricUvex: achieving comfort through science
2/6/2006ConferenceASBCI conference: final papers
2/6/2006RetailWal-Mart wedding
2/6/2006RetailSuperdrug opens mobile phone bars

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
2/6/2006RetailBenetton confirms trading improvement
2/6/2006RetailBagur talks to HoF
2/6/2006RetailBad weather is good for John Lewis
2/6/2006RetailWorld Cup shirts ‘overpriced’
2/6/2006FabricChina bags one-third of world market
2/6/2006FabricPicanol weaves a new fabric
2/6/2006FabricPoultry workers wear Tyvek
2/6/2006FabricOutlast and Sedo develop PCM for neoprene
2/6/2006FabricWool fabrics are in style
1/6/2006ConferenceASBCI conference: further papers - 01/06/2006
1/6/2006RetailTom Ford due to open Indian flagship
1/6/2006RetailArmani confirms London showing
1/6/2006RetailFashionable move for bank
1/6/2006RetailG-room goes under
1/6/2006RetailTesco has designs on fashion

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DateNews TypeNews Headline
1/6/2006RetailSDC to run courses for George
1/6/2006RetailBravo, Rose Marie
1/6/2006Fibre & YarnPerformance buys Invista’s German polyester
1/6/2006FabricOne dyer shuts down – another opens
1/6/2006BusinessWorld Cup goods can damage your health
1/6/2006BusinessUniforms generate respect
1/6/2006BusinessNew jobs come to director-e

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