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New directions in Tencel® for spring & Summer 2004

  • Cool comfort in Tencel with Linen

  • Intense Brights in Jerseys

  • Natural Stretch

  • High performance blends

  • Eye-catching textures & prints

Tencel® The fibre of the season

The diversity of new Tencel fabrics for spring and summer 2004 shows that this endlessly versatile fibre has truly come of age. After a decade of development and innovation, TENCEL is not only the fibre for all seasons, but also the fibre of the season.

Fabric Samples

Thanks to the skill and ingenuity of textile mills around the world, there is a wealth of exciting new fabrics in both pure TENCEL and blends designed to meet every fashion need, from relaxed casuals to semi formals and stylish classics.
What all these fabrics have in common have in common is TENCEL's luxurious softness and drape and its superior comfort and performance. These qualities are becoming more important to consumers who want easy-wear, easy-care and
easy-travel garments that make them feel, as well as look. good,

One of the most significant colour stories for the new season is the return of brights. Dynamic and energetic, they are clear and vivid, especially in fabrics made from TENCEL A100. The exceptional dye uptake of TENCEL A100 ensures intense colours that retain their depth and richness wash after wash, while its soft, silky touch makes it the natural choice for supple, sensual jerseys, like those from KBC, Germany and Turkish mill, Sanko, that drape and flow around the body.

For cool comfort and effortless style nothing beats the partnership of TENCEL and linen, which is now also available in printed fabrics for SAIC, France and Santanderina, Spain. The softness of TENCEL combined with the crispness of linen creates fabrics with a unique look and feel. TENCEL minimises creasing, without detracting from linen's natural freshness, so garments maintain their good looks, are easier to care for and a joy to wear, even on the most sizzling summer days.

New TENCEL and cotton shirtings with "Natural Stretch" also have a high comfort rating and can be finished in different ways to achieve a variety of effects and handles. These fabrics offer not only luxurious comfort as they are breathable, absorbent and anti-static with a unique touch and rich drape, but also high performance, being strong, durable and easy to wash and iron.

Other new high performance blends include TENCEL with polyester or polyamide by UCO, Belgium and Puig Codina of Spain. In heavier weights and with a firmer, although still soft, touch they will particularly work well for more structured leisurewear or softly tailored, semi-formal styling.

In contrast to the new laundered and lightened TENCEL denims, canvas casuals and smooth plains, are subtle textured and surface effects, including refined cheesecloths and seersuckers from Royo, Spain. This innovative weaver is also introducing ultra-lightweight, pure TENCEL voiles and georgettes, while Dainong of Korea offers silky, semi-sheers in pure TENCEL.

Stripes in all widths and prints, ranging from romatic florals to orderly graphics, are hot news once again and among the mills featuring printed TENCEL fabrics are Miroglio, Italy, while KBC, Germany and Fountain Set, Hong Kong have soft prints on soft TENCEL jerseys.

With so many novel and imaginative new TENCEL fabrics no becoming available it is clear that TENCEL is destined to not only be the fibre of the season, but also many future season.

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